Why should you make Easy Rx your choice
• Affordable and cost effective
• After sales service and support
• Highly trained and dedecated staff
• Continous maintenance and product
The Background

Superscript, the original company was in existance for 15 years. Thereafter Easy Rx the company was formed in March 1999. Easy Rx originally outsourced and maintained the Superscripts know package. Easyscripts and cleint base. As of June 2002 Easy Rx the company has purchased the cleint base.
Although Easy Rx had humble beginnings, we can now proudlyand honestly say that we can operate on a National as well as International level.
We strive to provide exellent service, top products and solutions at an affordable price.
The Client

We are proud of our client base and ability to meet their
needs. This has ensured that many of our clients have been
with us since the beginning
The Product

The Winscripts package is a fully integrated Windows point of sale and dispensing system. The package has been developed in conjunction with our clients and therefore caters to their needs and requirements
By developing the package in this way, where the cleints are involved has made Easy Rx along with it's package a serious competitor in the Pharmacy Industry.
Our products accommodate a means of communication that are required in the pharmaceutical Healthcare Industry
We continuously strive to enhance and maintain or products so as to keep our presence and position in the market and in so doing maintaining and growing our client base
We continuously supply file updates as and when they change for products, medical aids etc. Updates via your Internet Provider
(No Trunk Calls)
The Package

The Total Dispensing Solution

• Fully Integrated Dispensing System
• Easy Script Maintenance / Script reversals
• Fully Integrated Point of Sale System
• Touch Screen Enabled
• Debtors
• Creditors
• Stock
• Order system
• Reporting
• Barcode Printing
• multi-Tasking
• Daily Script and Point of Sale Log
• Regular updates
• Secure Data
• Portable Scanners to facilitate Stock take
• Remote Support
• Electronic Remmitances Available
• Supports DSL, 3G/HSDPA, Radiopad and      GPRS
• After Sales Service
We also offer a new Package called Easy Rx Touch POS
The Total Retail Solution

• Fully Integrated Retail system
• Touch Screen Enabled
• Suitable to Any Retail Enviroment
• Cash Sales
• Debtors
• Creditors
• Stock
• Reporting
• Remote Support
It can work in Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bottle Stores etc.
Our approach to business is based on our ability to provide an
excellent service at affordable price. We have not allowed
the price war in this saturated indastry to sacrifice this tested
business formula